I’m back to blogging after a month’s sabbatical due to the busyness of the holidays.  We went to California (see more on our family blog at Chronicles of a Vagabond) and spent time with my family there.  It was a great time of fun!!  Christmas without snow can be fun, too!

This year’s Christmas cards were handmade/designed and I had a lot of fun handwriting the addresses with various fonts I downloaded from the internet (yes, I specifically searched the internet for fun fonts to use for Christmas cards…).

I took calligraphy as a second grader one summer at summer school and I’ve kept up the skill since, of course, with much improvement and added flair (I not only do calligraphy, but also antique/old school style scripts with a ballpoint pen). It is something that is enjoyable and relaxing for me.  Not to mention, fun.  If you’re interested in having me address envelopes or script diplomas, send me an email!

Here is a sample of some of the fonts:

There were about 4-5 other fonts that I did on the cards that also turned out well, but I only photographed these few.

Here is what the interior of the card looked like:

We printed this on a light green background and pasted it onto black cardstock.  It turned out great!

Christmas craft endeavors that were not photographed:
*  2 Crocheted rolled brimmed hats with rosettes (light blue hat with taupe/cream rosettes)
*  2 jersey headbands with 3 varied sized rosettes
*  1 set of 4 placemats with pockets (brown/burnt orange/taupe & yellow)
*  Knit beanie for Nathaniel with Brown Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool
*  Further progress on Nick’s striped turtleneck wool sweater (still not finished)

Future craft projects:
*  Baby quilt
*  Miniature crocheted turtles
* wooden peg people (Homemadebyjill)

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My sweet boy

Smiley boy