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The winning pair

This is my first post about fashion, so I’m just going to say that it’s part of “Arts & Crafts.” Or rather, the “stitch” part of “A Stitch and a Stir.”

I started my quest for a pair of casual sneakers (because every girl needs a pair of casual sneakers) about 2 months ago.  Two days ago, 2 months later, I bought the pair I looked at on day one of said quest.  It’s funny how sometimes our first instinct is the right one…they always told me not to second guess myself.

I looked at a variety from Rocket Dogs to Converse to Sanuks…high and low I searched, cheap shoes to expensive shoes, ran the gamut.  And at last, I found myself at Kohl’s looking at a $50.00 pair of Converse that were very unique-looking and conveniently, on the clearance rack.  They were only $20.00, but the wrong size, so i took a chance and called another local Kohl’s.  Fortunately, they had my size in the exact same style shoe.  I was overjoyed and asked them to place the shoes on hold and I would be in the next day to pick them up!

The next morning at 8:30am, I left the house with little Nathaniel and went to pick up my long-awaited Converse sneakers.  I used my 15% off Kohl’s coupon and got my new sneakers for less than $20!  What a steal!

My new Converse