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A pair of fantastical pumpkins

Nick and I carved pumpkins over the weekend, just before Halloween.  Carving pumpkins is a tradition we have for Halloween…We both love spending time together doing stuff…”shoulder to shoulder” time.  So, this year we chose to carve a castle and a collection of spooky eyes peeking out of the pumpkin.  Every year Nick experiments with how to get different textures and gradients with his pumpkin carving; I’m usually a bit more traditional and cut out the entire width of the pumpkin.  With his spooky eyed pumpkin, Nick even incorporated the use of food coloring to make the eyes different colors.  Such a creative husband I have.

Anyway, I thought you’d be interested to see a progression of pumpkins we’ve carved since we’ve been married.  Note how Nick’s pumpkins are always more unique than mine are.


Count Dracula



Fairy Tale Castle

Spooky Eyes