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The Cream Cheese-filled Pumpkin Muffins turned out to be…well, messy for one, but for two, the muffin part of the muffin was amazing!!!  The cream cheese part was not so hot, but still good.  The problem was I substituted the cream cheese with a vanilla buttercream frosting that I had leftover from Nick’s birthday cake (see Nick’s Birthday Post).


Pumpkin is always a great addition to any recipe because it adds moisture and makes for a very rich and moist crumb (texture).

The frosting was too liquid-y and ended up spilling over, so I had to place a cookie sheet under the muffin tins to catch the excess frosting spillage.  I think the cream cheese filling would have definitely worked out better.  The original recipe calls for a streusel topping too, however I think combined with the cream cheese filling, the streusel would make the muffin too sweet.  Here’s the recipe Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins.

Try it out.  If you don’t like the idea of a cream cheese filling, just use the part of the recipe for the pumpkin muffin.  It’s a great muffin recipe!  I prepare the dry ingredients one night before and the morning of, just mix in the wet ingredients.