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Nathaniel and pumpkins

Our little family of 3 went pumpkin picking at a local pumpkin patch on Sunday!  The pumpkin patch had a $13.00 deal for all the pumpkins you can carry, so Nick participated and got us 4 big pumpkins!

Nick, piling on the pumpkins!

We also bought a sugar pumpkin (pie pumpkin) for $2.00 to see what the difference is when baking with a sugar pumpkin vs. a “normal” carving pumpkin.  I’ve read reviews saying it’s more stringy, not as flavorful, etc etc, but I baked with “normal” carving pumpkins last year and everything tasted pretty pumpkin-y, so I am eager to see what the difference will be.

Anyway, so this week I’ll be doing a Pumpkin Tribute, by baking 3 different pumpkin desserts/pastries.

On the menu for the week is:
1.  Pumpkin Muffins with Buttercream Frosting (leftover from Nick’s bday cake)
2.  Pumpkin Harvest Scones
3.  Pumpkin Pie (what would a Pumpkin Tribute be without Pumpkin Pie?)

So, stay tuned for some exciting pumpkin-baking fun!