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Vintage Baby Hat

I recently finished knitting a beanie for Nathaniel.  This was knit with size 2 needles (I’m assuming that’s what it was because they were made for Nick’s grandma, by Nick’s grandpa)…and it covers the ears (an important quality that I wanted to incorporate).

I used scrap yarn (I have no idea what they are made of…could be wool, acrylic, anything, really) and I made my own pattern after measuring Nathaniel’s head circumference.

Since going vintage has been such a popular trend, I decided to try to find a tri-color theme that would look a bit vintage.  I think these three colors have a pretty vintage feel to them and after seeing them together in the hat, actually also think that this would be a hat one sees at an American Eagle or Gap.  🙂

The amazing thing about this beanie was that it took 4 separate starts in order to achieve the perfect beanie size and shape!  I also had to take about 20 rows out after I had completely finished the beanie because it turned out too short and the crown/decrease was too sudden.

Alas, the final product was worth it because it looks so great on Nathaniel!

Lil hat for a lil man