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This is the romper that I found in a pile of clothes that was going to Goodwill.  It’s cute!  I love the vertical stripes, the wide hip band/ribbon and the pockets, but I hate the fact that it’s a romper.  Rompers are always too short and it has always weirded me out that you have to take the WHOLE thing off in order to go to the bathroom.

So, instead of casting it to Goodwill, I decided that I’d save it from “the pile” and try to turn it into a long shirt/tunic.  The first thing I did was cut the crotch seam so that the leg holes were eliminated. I discarded some fabric from the crotch area because since it is a romper, it was designed to have leg holes that accommodate leg movement.  Since this is going to be turned into a shirt/tunic, it can afford to be a bit straighter vertically, and does not need that extra fabric in the crotch (especially because the romper’s side seams are open at the bottom 3 inches, giving it enough “give” for leg motion).

Take off the excess material and sew where you want the tunic's middle seam

Then, I turned the material inside out and sewed together the 2 front panels down the middle (where the crotch was cut out) and did the same for the 2 back panels.

Now the tunic is 1 step away from being done (if you want to take in the waist).

The last step is to put the tunic on inside out to see if you want to take in the sides to define the waist a bit more.  Rompers usually have the sides at the torso going pretty straight, creating more of a loose fitting top look.  For a shirt/tunic, it looks nicer if the lines are more fit to your body.

Once the pinning is done, keep the romper inside out and sew where pinned.  Turn it inside out and try it on before you do any cutting of seams.  If you like how the waist was taken in, then cut any excess seams.  You can zig-zag stitch the seams to keep them from fraying.

Voila!  There is your romper turned shirt in 2-3 steps!