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Bubster pope

It was Nick’s birthday yesterday!  We had a birthday adventure to “The Backpacker’s Shop” in Sheffield Village and then we stopped by French Creek Metro Park for a short hike and then came back home for pizza and ice cream cake!  All homemade.  All first time…the result was pretty good, if I could say so myself.  😀

Here is the evening in photos (eating portion of the evening).


Chicken, basil, tomato and pear, walnut, gorgonzola cheese

Pizza and cake

Deluxe/supreme/everything pizza!

Sanpellegrino limonata

We almost never buy high grade carbonated water (we do buy seltzer water…generic brand, sometimes), but since it was a birthday, and Nick’s birthday no less, we splurged and bought a little six pack of San Pellegrino Italian Carbonated Water.  This was brought on by Nick’s trip to New York for his friend’s wedding, at which San Pellegrino was had by all!  It was very bubbly.  Our idea is to save the glass bottles, buy some corks or a bottle capper and use these small bottles to bottle our own homemade ginger ale (I will do a post on homemade ginger ale when we make it next).  How cool would that be?

Mint n chip, brownie and buttercream frosting topped with oreo crumbs

The one thing I failed to think about was the fact that all these ingredients are very sweet…and that combining all of them would make for a very very sweet cake.  So, this cake is very sweet.  It would taste a lot better if had alongside coffee.  Next time I make ice cream cake, I will make brownies or cake from scratch so I can lessen the amount of sugar called for.  That way when the cake and ice cream are combined, it won’t be as oppressively sweet.  This brownie mix was very good, but it was meant to be eaten alone, so it was already very sweet.  Thus, when combined with ice cream and buttercream frosting…it was definitely on the sweet side.  I had 1 slice of cake and that was enough.

Happy Birthday Nick!

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