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i promised i would upload some pictures of the save-the-dates we’re working on for my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law’s wedding.  we’ve done one part of the whole thing…we’ve embossed.  tinted clear ink with with silver embossing powder.  we stamped and embossed about 80 cards with an old clear ink pad or mine, and were disappointed with the quality.  i had my suspicions about my ink pad getting too old to make good adhesion with the embossing powder, so afterwards, i tried a sample print with a brand new, clear ink pad (tinted blue) and found that indeed, the ink pad was the culprit for the bad quality prints.  so, for the rest of the prints, we used the new ink pad and had no problems!  here are some samples.  note the clarity of the emboss and how the powder melted so evenly onto the ink.  it pays to think critically.

I tried to capture the raised, 3D emboss

Note: this stamp was chosen for its unique wording, "Save THIS date," instead of the traditional "Save The Date"

It's set on green woven textured paper & black cardstock

Come back to see updates of how this project comes together!