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last week i tried making homemade bagels with a recipe from King Arthur Flour and i think i boiled the bagels for too long, causing the bagels to deflate and get flat and hard.

so this week, i decided to try two recipes at the same time to see which recipe yielded the more favorable bagel.  i tried the same recipe from King Arthur Flour and found a recipe from my Wycliffe Cookbook.  i am going to compare the two recipes and see which one i will keep for future use.  it’s kind of exciting to be doing this type of experiment in comparing recipes; i’ve never done anything like it before, so it’ll be fun to see how it turns out!

these are the bagels from the Wycliffe Cookbook.

Wycliffe Cookbook Bagels

Tomorrow I will update and show you some pictures of the King Arthur Bagels (hopefully I won’t mess them up this time) and let you know which one earned its place for future baking!