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We had a busy weekend.  It was my brother in law and future sister in law’s graduations from college!  What a fun time, filled with many congrats and happy times.  After a grueling 2.5 hour ceremony with over 1,000 graduate candidates’ names read aloud, one by one, we headed over to Sam B’s in historical downtown Bowling Green.  Sam B’s has upstairs party rooms and we had our little luncheon in one of the smaller rooms that was formerly an apartment/flat.  It was a beautifully carpeted room with dark stained oak crown molding and dark red wallpaper, with 2 tall windows that overlooked Main Street Bowling Green.  It felt like it should have been the set for a 1930’s private eye movie, a smoke-filled musty room with a sexy lady in a red dress and fur coat walking in to the sultry tune of a solo saxophone in the background…you get the picture.

The fare for the luncheon was a buffet style sandwich bar, complete with salad and chips.  They provided neatly rolled roast beef, ham and turkey breast, three types of cheese- provolone, cheddar and swiss and three different types of bread.  It was quite delightful and just right for a post-graduation lunch– light and simple, yet filling.  Because the room was carpeted and very spacious, little N was even able to play on the floor on a blanket while we were eating.  That made me very happy.

After lunch, we drove back to Amherst from Bowling Green and cleaned the house and ordered pizza.  I also made brownies from scratch (Joy of Baking brownie recipe) and slice up strawberries and shake up the heavy whipping cream (to make whipped cream).  There’s something nice about having pizza and salad on a busy day.  It’s a good meal and most people like pizza.  Our pizza dinner was complete with a red wine, white wine, soda and a sampler 24 pack of Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer.  Good stuff.  🙂  Pizza and beer was followed by warm brownies served with strawberries and cream, with coffee.  It was a good food day.