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My future sister in-law is now living with us. She and my brother in-law are getting married in May, next year. Their colors are green, purple and black. It’s exciting to be a part of the wedding planning and coordinating process, and it reminds me of my own wedding planning, oceans away in China. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be part of the hubbub of decision-making and idea exchanging. Another way to hone my creative juices and utilize my bargain-hunting skills.

Let’s be honest, wedding planning is really just a way of testing the bride’s event coordinating/entertaining skills.

We went out shopping for “save the date” materials last night and got some estimates from Michael’s. Fortunately we were just price shopping and didn’t purchase anything because today we went to Pat Catan’s and found just what we needed for much better prices! Upon seeing the lower prices, we quickly snatched up what we needed and made it out of Pat Catan’s before unnecessary browsing could occur.

At the end of the day, the materials to make “save-the-dates” for 250 people turned out to be less than $70.00! I’ll say that’s a pretty good deal. Now we just have to get a bunch of friends together and assemble them! I made a pilot version today and am excited for her mom to see it this weekend. So far, so good!

A picture is coming soon.