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Handmade with love just for you!

Recently, there has been more effort on my to actually get a move on my Etsy store…the one that I’ve been talking about for a long time, but not moved on until just the past couple of days.  It’s been a crazy time trying to get the store up and running.  There is a lot more to do and a lot less time to invest into it than I thought at first.  I busted out 2 changing pads in 1 day, which encouraged and motivated me.  I think the best time to work on these things is when little N is sleeping– either when he is napping or after he goes down for the night.  (Since there are two “N” men in my life, I will now refer to Nathaniel as “little N” and Nick as “big N”)

There have been ideas and theoretical models for a second type of diaper changing pad, but still no tangible pilot version yet.  I have just continued to make the basic model.  After seeing how sales do with that model, I will evaluate and see if I need to make a second washable model.  We’ll see how well the first one sells.

“Pumpernickel Gone A Rye” is the name of my Etsy shop because Pumpernickel is the name of our internet network at home and since that is the mean by which I do my business, I decided to incorporate it into the name of my shop.  Being the punny family we are, I came up with this play on words, which you may only understand to be funny if you know your grains.

The changing pads, model A (original) will be selling for $25.00/each as of now.  I keep saying that I will open shop soon, but keep on putting it off.  I am hoping to get more disciplined with it and actually open shop next week.  Here’s to a few late nights getting shop policies and loose ends in order!

Changing pad is tri-fold, velcro-closure with a water proof, wet towel-cleaned changing surface