We started putting our hardwood floors in on Black Friday and finished this morning (Saturday)!  Due to the smaller size of the room, we were able to finish in 8 hours.  It was our first time installing hardwood floors, so there was about 1 hour spent in trying to figure out how to start with the first row and have it be 180 degrees straight.  The first row is crucial…otherwise all other preceding rows will arc (bad for the wood, aesthetically ugly).  We used maple, with a caramel stain, bought for a bargain price at Lumber Liquidators.

Now that the flooring for the dining room is done, we moved a big part of the furniture from the living room to the dining room, where we will make a temporary sitting room while we install the hardwood floors in the living room.  That should take about two days, maybe three since it is about 2.5 times the size of the dining room.

There are no moldings, trim or any of the finishing elements, but we will do all that after the living room flooring is finished.  It will look stellar and I think will change the whole feel for our house.  It’s exciting to think about how the house will look after the finishing touches are put on and the living room and baby room are re-painted.  I think just the hardwood will make such a big difference!

The other two pictures in the gallery are the latest knitting project I completed.  It is a 100% untreated wool argyle  sweater vest for Nathaniel…next winter when he is 9 months+.  I followed a free pattern from Patons Yarn.

Enjoy the pictures!  Let me know if you want me to knit you anything.  🙂