I was given a sewing machine as a house-warming gift and I’ve recently begun to use it.  Sewing, therefore, has become one of my new hobbies.  Here I go adding yet again, to my arts and crafts repertoire (rubber-stamping, calligraphy thus far).

Surprisingly enough (or not surprising to some of you who actually sew), sewing requires a lot of engineering and organizational/process-oriented thinking.  This is where Nick comes in.  He helps me with the geometry side of things sometimes and even uses AutoCad on occasion to get me the template I need.  It’s fun to be able to include Nick on some of my creations.  We’re like a project team– he helps me brainstorm how it’s going to happen and I make it happen!

Here are some pictures of my first project:  a pin cushion, because every sewer needs a cute, nice-looking pin cushion.

This is the pin cushion before putting it together

A nice, neat underside

This is the completed pin cushion