A More Sophisticated Dinner…

Then we tried replicating Lolita’s (Tremont, OH) Fried Brussels Sprouts.  I replaced part of the Olive Oil with some Bucino Ole (Pumpkin Seed Oil) and it turned out really nice.  First time cooking with Brussels Sprouts…a success!  I paired the sprouts with some roasted pork.  Good combination!  Molasses is a good marinade ingredient, but use sparingly!

Brussels Sprouts and Pork

Plated with French Bread


Michel Symon’s Fried Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Pork Belly:  molasses-onion-garlic based marinade
Toasted French Bread with butter

Flavorful Fungi

Olive Oil, Onion and Bell Peppers with Seasoning Salt

This was my first time experimenting with Portobello Mushrooms.  They are the most beastly mushrooms I’ve ever seen!  Best of all is that you can use the stems for Cream of Mushroom Soup later on, or even for the same meal.  They are full of flavor and easy to marinate and cook.  We grilled them and then finished them on the wire rack above the grill (for indirect heat) and the mushrooms turned out soft and tender, while the finely chopped bell peppers and onions were still a little crunchy (but cooked)!  We served the Portobellos with Fettuccine and Spaghetti in a cream sauce.

It was also my first time experimenting with cheese in a cream sauce.  I minced some summer sausage and garlic, browned it with flour and then poured in some milk (like the start of a gravy).  I let it simmer for a bit and then added some shredded Mozzarella cheese.  it turned out really nice, but I should have used a sharper, stronger tasting cheese like Asiago.  Next time!  We served the meal with some grilled bell peppers and onions (to complement the marinade).


Portobello Mushrooms marinated with bell peppers, onions,  salt, black pepper, olive oil, fresh sage and thyme, topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Grilled bell peppers and onions (olive oil and salt)
Garlic sausage cream sauce with Fettuccine and Spaghetti