This post will be dedicated to the recent cooking adventures we’ve taken here at the Romanin household.  These creations are a mix of recipe and non-recipe dishes.  Most of what we cook includes simple ingredients, but bold spices and seasoning.  We love a lot of flavor!

Simple and Tasty!

Hamburgers: seasoned with seasoning salt, paprika, black pepper, a dash of cumin and some garlic powder, served with melted Muenster cheese and tomato
Italian Hot Sausages (Polansky’s Meat Deli)
Zucchini and onion veggie mix:  marinated with Olive Oil, salt and pepper
French Fries (ready-made)

Italian Hot Sausage

Adding some Stella Artois to the mix!


Zucchinis & Onions: tasty combination

Anyone want to challenge my grilling skills?

Excited to eat...

French fries!

Very very enjoyable dinner- complete with Ohio’s very own Stadium Mustard!  And french fries straight from the oven.